Redwood Technologies Group is dedicated to delivering the best in customer experience. We empower organizations to engage at scale with their customers, wherever they are, whenever they want, and on whatever device. Working across a range of sectors including healthcare, finance, travel, and utilities, we help some of the world’s largest organizations to solve their communications challenges.

We are at the cutting-edge of communications innovation and are committed to delivering customer engagement solutions that matter. We continuously develop new technology: from the world’s first drag-and-drop conferencing system, to brain®, our Artificial Intelligence toolkit, which includes world-class Machine Agent and Natural Language Processing (NLP) functionality. Our Research and Development Team recognize that customer experience is key to an organization’s success, and are dedicated to making customer engagement as seamless and as memorable as possible.




From crafting evergreen cloud platforms with unlimited scalability, to growing our business and expanding into new markets – our commitment to innovation means we are always growing into new spaces. Redwood Technologies Group operates in 60 countries and partners with some of the world’s leaders in communication, such as Vodafone and Rakuten. We work with hundreds of the world’s largest organizations to provide faultless service across all major sectors.


As the key competitive differentiator for organizations, customer experience impacts everything from business revenue to customer loyalty. For many customers, customer experience is a more important factor than price when dealing with an organization. Today’s customers expect to be able to contact organizations whenever they want, wherever they are, and on whatever device. Our mission is to enable organizations to evolve to meet these changing expectations.

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